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Statement of intent

This is the Southern Vampire Mysteries-version of Bill Compton. If you are looking for True Blood-verse, please see tenuoushumanity.

PB is Stephen Moyer, who belongs to himself. Content belongs to Charlaine Harris, however my words belong to me.

*Note: This journal was previously run by another mun, and was recently run as TB-verse Bill. All changes are recent and subject to more change as the mun sees fit. :)

Fic Rec: 'Dismantled' by levitatethis

Stepping out of character for a moment to do a little Recommended Reading section.

August last year, I found a truly wonderful Bill fic, and now that I have this journal, I don't need to keep the recommended reading up over at my Sookie journal.

'Dismantled' by levitatethis and it's probably the best fic I've read in this fandom so far. It is Bill Compton as I see him and as I wish that I could write him. The story is lovely and sad and complex, and I heartily recommend it.

Although she has a legitimate point he is frustrated at the definitive way she sometimes sees the world with expectations of others that are simply not possible—perfection. Others have done unimaginable things that she has somehow managed to work beyond but he keeps feeling like he is making a series of missteps when it comes to her.

Furrowing his brow and looking up at her with his head tilted down, he says, “You have always held me to an unattainable standard.”

Reverently she replies, “You were my first everything. You are the damn standard.”

Her confession strikes deep as all the months he thought she had swept aside what they once had turn out to be as difficult and unalterable for her as for him. What was is as relevant and can never be denied. Nor should it be. Alongside the love they shared (and still do though its perimeters have been shifted about) is the hurt, interconnected in a crisscross pattern.

Go on: have a read, and tell the author how brilliant it is! <3


From dear_mun

Beggin' your pardon, ma'am, but might I take this opportunity to note my gratitude that you have decided upon creating this journal for me. I realise that I am quite a departure from the usual sorts of muses that you are more used to, but there is, I think, potential for a mutually beneficial arrangement here.

I am aware that your interest in my perspective on matters stems from your Sookie muse, and it is my most sincere hope that she and I might be able to compose some, ah, joint fictions. If you can tear your attention (and Sookie's, for that matter) away from Eric for long enough. To be honest, I suppose that I am pleased that you never did find someone else with a take on me, regardless of the frustrations it has caused your Sookie. This way, I am able to have my own say.

Wishing you a most pleasant evening,

W. T. Compton

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